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Martha and Rhiannon are spiritual healers that use their naturally born, and carefully crafted, gifts to create or put back peace, harmony, and balance into their clients' lives. Through their journey, they've realized that individuals needed more than a cookie cutter approach to getting help in spiritual work. The beautiful thing about their work is that they take an individual approach, utilizing specialized clairvoyant readings, tools such as sage and stones, and through ascended beings. 

Metaphysical Products: We offer a wide array of metaphysical supplies for you and your home. Our items include and are not limited to: Jewelry, amulets, ritual items, sage, statuary, herbs, incense, oils, stones, books, tarot, cauldrons, gems, crystals, candles, and far more! Each object that you receive has been reiki-blessed and cleansed for your the recipient. 

Intuitive Readings/Healings: upon request/referral

House Cleansings: A house cleansing ritual is intended to protect the inhabitants of a house or dwelling from misfortune, whether before moving into it or to "heal" it after a negative occurrence. Many religions have house blessings in one form or another and therefore is accepted by many spiritual practices. We work together to cleanse space using sage,blessed crystals, salt and sacred prayers of protection and deliverance. 

About Us

 Martha Conan

store owner

-A Partnership in healing and helping those in need

Martha has studied metaphysics and  spiritual studies for 35 years. While practicing with shamans, kahunas, Hindu, Buddhist and Catholic priests, she was able to combine her spiritual skills with her Art and Mental Health Therapy background to creatively help improve the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of her clients. ​​ Martha conducts Akashic Records readings, entity removals and Huna Journeys (Ho'oponopono) as her main healing focuses.

Rhiannon has been been able to communicate with spirits at a very young age and utilizes this skill while she preforms her specialized readings and spirit communications. She is available for referral consultations. 

Martha and Rhiannon make it a priority to specialize each reading and service to the wishes of the client. There is almost nothing they havn't seen or experienced before, when it comes to the world of spirituality. 


We sell our products and services on line and at metaphysical events.  Unfortunately, we only travel up to 150 miles from our home and if a house cleansing or personal spiritual counseling is necessary. We are would be more than happy to refer you to someone who can help if we can not.  

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